Mercerizing Washing Machine for knitted fabric

  • Mercerizing zone
  • Auto edge of tension controller
  • Weft strai ghtener
  • Alkali dipping, Bulking, Soaking, Spraying
  • After fabric bulking the alkali, through the rubber rollers squeeze on the SUS drum to enable alkali into internal fabric evenly, and prevent curling.
  • Auto tension controller to keep mercerizing uniformly
  • Auto pin chain zone
  • Over feed device
  • Auto digital selvedge device
  • Alkali concentration testing
  • Control by HMI (touch screen)
  • Removing alkali zone
  • Remove alkali by vibrating and spraying wash.
  • Use scrolling roller & expanding device to avoid edge curling.
  • Neutralization washing chamber made by SUS#316
  • Auto temperature controller
  • Each washing chamber with squeezer to raise cleaning efficienc
  • Plaiting device
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